Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today's Tags

These tags were all techniques that at least I knew about beforehand. But, as you know, I still managed to learn something new about each one of them! The first one (left) is watercoloring with distress reinkers. I didn't know those things (reinkers) don't ever dry out. Just didn't think about it, but I am learning lots about ink. The stamping is done with archival ink on watercolor paper. I love how it came out. When I opened my palette of ink, I wasn't very surprised to find all the ink was still liquid - I previously thought they probably all dried up! But Tim said------ and he was right!! And he said a tiny bit went a long way and he sure was right!  now I know why I had so much trouble when I tried to color Tilda with the distress. I used about 100 times too much ink! The middle tag is to show a custom cut and dry felt stamp pad. This is a hero arts stamp that I adore when its stamped with a lot of colors - just didn't want to take that much time very often. So I now have a stamp pad to reink the stamp and it will come out like what you are seeing. The stamp is a bit larger than the tag. I have lots of reinkers, just not all of them! yet!! The last tag (right) is colored with distress sprays. I still had several made (some even with perfect pearls), so you spray, dry the tag and then put a mask over it and spray again. Having gone mask crazy when I first discovered them (reinkers),  I had several to choose from! Are you getting the idea that I am a Tim Holtz junkie? Well, I am!!! Am hoping to get that next birthday card made this weekend. I am going to a stitching retreat this weekend, so I won't be posting until I get back. DH is probably thrilled to have some time to himself!! I can guarantee it will be very quiet without my constant chatter!! Hugs to you all, Barb F


Angelica said...

Love the middle one the stamp really is so beautiful!!

Christina C. said...

Your tags are totally awesome! Love them!

Sandra said...

Stunning tags, love them all. So much color and love the middle one! How great is it that you have your own custom stamp pad for that stamp. I think it's amazing!

Faye said...

Wonderful tags!

Sandy said...

Beautiful work - I am green with envy. I am waiting for more product to come so I can keep on. Does not look like I will get the distress markers any time soon even though I pre ordered the the first of Feb. Love you are doing. I need to keep trying!!!

Snoopy said...

Barb, your tags are fabulous!

Snoopy :D