Friday, March 30, 2012

Last tag!! and a little surprise

Now this one was fun! It is covered in rock candy stickles. That accounts for the shine (that is shine)! Since I am so limited with stain, I used my distress inks (of which I have too many too count) for the background. I also used the distress for the stamping. I am surely going to have to be using my distress inks for a lot more stamping after this class. It makes a wonderful background (I use them more than the copics for that). I stamped with 4 colors of ink and then when you cover it with the stickles it wicks out a little. What's nice about the distress stickles is that you can use a heat tool and you spread then thin. What's nice about the regular stickles is that you have dimension but you cannot heat set them. So I have 23 tags instead of 25. If I ever buy a few markers, I will make the other two tags.
Next you will see the cute tag I made for the baby blanket for out upcoming addition! I thought it came out just too cute! I did use distress ink watercolor painting too!!

I just love this stamp set and I for the life of me don't know whose it is! The little owl baby is colored and then cut out and glued to the card. I made two blankets - each different. When I washed them, I wrapped them in the same kind of paper. Of course I don't know which is which so hopefully each family likes theirs best! Will be giving the other one out in May, I think. We know this one is a boy, but the other one will be unknown until the birth. By the way, this was Christmas paper, but since it had both pink and blue, I figured it would be ok!! I wish I had bought rolls of this one - it could do for anything!! Hugs to you all, Barb F

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Winnie said...

Love your tag! The bling is so cool......I love your baby owl card. He is precious.