Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 9 - today!!

YAYYYYY!!!! I am caught up! These three are done with perfect pearls! I went off the deep end when I first discovered them. Have probably most of the colors. I even made a bunch of sprays. Do you know they were still good after not touching them for a couple of years?!!!! The left one is perfect splatter. Wish you could see the shine! It looks ok but in real its stunning. The middle one is stamped and then perfect pearls sticks to the stamping. Its called perfect distress. I probably should have let it run a little more before I dried it, but it is just so pretty! You can see the shine (well, kind of). The last one is perfect distress mist. I used up the remaining sprays I had previously made! The whole tag shimmers! So pretty! Hope you have enjoyed the tags even a little. One day more. Hugs to you all, Barb F


Winnie said...

Love your pieces! Thanks for the tip about being able to use them after so long. Funny thing with me, I have a few jars I haven't used and they are rock hard. Weird...They won't even break...must be some binder! You you in class tomorrow.

Christina C. said...

Your tags are totally them all!!!! Would love to join this class, but I am just too busy in the foreseeable future.