Saturday, September 29, 2012

Operation Write Home cards

I have several cards to show you and talk about but first - I corrected a huge error! That scrapbook page I just posted is really in Blasdell, NY which is closer to Buffalo. I didn't realize it until DH looked at my page today and told me it was wrong! Just wanted to be sure you got the right town if you were trying to see it. It is on a main route through that town.

Awhile back, I sat with some scraps and cut out little squares just to get rid of that paper. Then I rounded corners here and there and if the paper looked too plain, I stamped little stamps or punched little punches. I laid some of them out on a couple of cards, didn't like them and they got put in with my scrap stuff. Well, yesterday I took that scrap stuff (pieces of cards, some die cuts and some stuff I partly colored or stamped) and decided it was time to do some operation write home cards with it. Somewhere along the way, and I don't know how I got it, was a rub off sheet with greetings. I have not used them before so I must have gotten them as a thank you with an order. I added them to these first two cards and put a few butterflies on dimensionals and voila!! Two cards - did the edges with vintage photo again.
I think they came out pretty good after all? It was a good way to use up small scraps. It was really ugly until I stamped a little and cut out a little. After all, the colors were very very random!!
This one is done entirely with washi tape - the background anyhow. I liked it, but didn't know what to do with it. It is also on the light tan cardstock - I take my photos ontop of a little box that is alcohol ink colored and inside of one of those things you spray ink. It refelects the light just enough to get a decent photo. I take these with my Iphone. Not bad, except when I send them to my pc they are usually 90 degrees off! So on this one, I added the on the edge die cut of the houses and little butterflies on dimensionals. I cut the front down as I made a larger piece to begin with.

This whole card was in that pile of stuff!! It was crooked on the card - like maybe I had been drinking!! I didn't know then that I could just recut it even if it made the card a bit smaller. See what you learn? It is really bright and again a good use for scraps. I can assure you this one wasn't planned! In real life, the colors aren't even close! It still looks pretty good, now that it's got even sides!
This was an embossed and stamped piece of cardstock colored with distress inks. All I did was cut it to leave a little margin left and right and make it even top and bottom. So all five cards took me very little time to finish up! I have about 35 cards and envelopes ready to go and its not even half of the box!! I am thinking I need to find a smaller box so I will make my goal date - Oct. 31. I can tell you that I can make a lot of cards with just the stuff I was working with yesterday!! Serves two purposes and one of them is getting lots of stuff that is hard to store out of my room!! I am planning on making a bunch of fairly simple cards to get sent - I have a whole lot of images colored that I am going to get cut out and stick on some cards!! Some of those I kept with a sticky note and the colors I used. I will post whatever info I have on all the cards I send out. If you look back through my blog, unless its a card for a specific person (which I say), I am including them in my OWH box. Some of them really weren't appropriate though - but not very many. As you know, they allow stickles because they don't come off and that is about all I ever use for glitz. I am trying not to use it so much and its not easy!! I miss that glitz!  It may be a week or so before I post again but hopefully there will be a lot. Hugs to you all, Barb F

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lots of cards!

Made three cards today! I needed a birthday card so I used the papers from it to make two more cards when I was finished. Two more for Operation Write Home! Just might get a box off to them by my goal date!! The birthday one is Edwin - one of my favorite images. I did keep track of the copics, but now can't find the paper anywhere - way too much going on here and I am guessing that I must have trashed it. So very sorry. If it shows up down the road, I will post it and refer to this image.
I did stickle the porthole  screws or whatever they are as well as the water. That entire stamp is cut out and on dimensionals.  I wanted a little bit different background for this so I cut out an entire one with that card creator die set I bought - actually I bought set a and set b so I could have every size! It is so easy to pick up a die and lay it on your card until you get the look you want and then go cut it. I think I am in love. I have a tendency in my old age to reverse numbers and I have been cutting a lot of stuff out that I can't use at that time because its wrong. Hopefully I won't have to worry about it anymore. So the gray/black paper and the yellow paper are both rectangles. The strip under the Happy Birthday goes all the way across. I really like the way it looks with the round porthole covering so much.  And then before I placed Edwin, I sprayed it with that new Shimmer spray sparkle first. Here is what that looks like:
and here is the inside of that card
This is just two circles I cut from the dp over a strip of the gray/black paper. I used so much on the front I didn't have a whole lot left and have two more cards to do. By the way the inside greeting is from Gina K. Love her stuff especially for the insides of cards.

So onto card number two. This one you will recognize as it is the same design as the last time I made three cards from one. I really like that pieced diagonal stips together. I cut the rectangle first from white cardstock and I bet you know what I used to cut it with.
After I made my insert, I just wrapped some twine - which is the regular stuff everyone else uses (brown and white here) and tied a bow. Thought it needed a little something so I glued down a few buttons and filled their holes with , you guessed it - stickles!! I know you couldn't see that "map" paper before but now there is a large enough piece of it. It has been in my stash a long time. I have been hoarding it! Oh well, it is going to a good cause. I edged stuff with gathered twigs Tim Holtz distress ink. And now for three.

A friend of mine asked me what you could do with a wood block stamp. Well here's a solution for that. I was looking at my stamp notebook for some idea on what to do for this card. I decided to look at the animal stamps. One of the first images I saw is that of this darling little bear. It is a wood stamp and so I knew by my book where it was and got it out. I didn't want to color it, so I stamped it on a scrap of darker brown cardstock. Then got my little heart punch out and out of another scrap - this time red with tiny stars, punched out a heart. I stamped the image again onto the yellow cardstock and cut out only the tiny pants. I cut out the bear and cut off the heart he was holding. I cut out his tiny hand on the heart part. Next I glued his tiny pants on and then glued that really tiny hand onto the heart. Then glued the heart onto the bear. I colored his little nose red with a colored pencil. Oh how cute!! That took more time to write than it did to do!!! He is on dimensionals. The yellow strip has a border punch on it. I found a little heart stamp - it is clear and used soft brown shadown ink to make the background.  I used a labels die to cut out the blue map behind him. So that is something you could do with any stamp if you can think of it!! Hope you like these! Hugs to you all, Barb F

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guess What?

Today I am going to post a scrapbook page! Just a little history and then I will post it and tell you all the details. I have been watching "Glitter Girl" on the youtube channel. They post a lot of other things, but that is the one I never  miss. I just love the stuff she comes up with and that she explains her thinking while she is doing. I like knowing why people chose what they do. But here is a huge tip that I finally picked up on. Use repositionable tape when you are laying out a scrapbook page. It is supposed to set up permanent if you leave it alone for a long time. I do change my mind a whole lot and it was getting really difficult to lay out a page with everything rolling all over the place! Then once you have a pretty good idea of what you want, you can use permanent adhesive to stick little sections together. I have left my page alone for a couple of days, in a page protector in my album. I am going right  now and see if its permanent. ----- OK - here's  my take -- if you are very careful, I think you might still be able to pull it apart. I know its all still where I put it, so I am using it from now on!! I think I got it almost perfectly placed for a wild change!! It was so much fun to lay this out and I can hardly wait to try it again doing a different style. There was a bit of a challenge at two peas in trying to cluster embellishments, I used up a whole lot of stuff that I have had for an eternity (not really but a long time!). DH works away from home when he works and years ago had worked around Blasdell, NY. He told me about some really neat things in and around that town. So a couple years ago, we were driving to Niagara Falls and he made sure we went through Blasdell. I took photos while we were driving past this building and always wanted to scrap it. I am also hooked on the papers I used. They are from the same paper collection as I used for DH anniversary book awhile back. It's amazing how far one of those goes when you hoard it!!
Going from left to right, top to bottom, the first photo is approaching the building. It is next to a church but I am not sure if it was part of the church or not. The second photo is it - looks like it should be long in old Rome or Greece? The third photo if you look up near the orange tab, you would see a little statue on top blowing a horn.  The words by the bird say "I spy with my little eye"! Ok how cute is that? It was a sticker that I put on cardstock and it has dimensionals on the back. I can't remember what I cut that little bird from but it was cardboard and an advertisement! He is also on dimensionals. I framed all the photos as they got lost on the paper. I wanted to use the busy paper for my whole background but it was a bit much so I put the orange tone on tone in the middle to break it up - its not exactly in the middle or that would be boring.  My photos also didn't fit within the center area and I like them better this way, but all of my orange and busy paper go entirely to both sides. I found a couple border stickers that I liked in my stash. I had to cut them as they are heavy and would not have looked nice under the photos. And then I built up my embellishment stacks! Since nothing was permanently adhered down, it was fun moving them around. Glitter Girl says to try to have everything laid out to help the viewer move around the page and see it all. That is why they all seem to point to the next photo - at least I hope so. I had a stack of colored tags that matched this paper so exactly, it was amazing!! And I used a whole lot of them. They were mostly plain which is why I think it worked. I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo distress ink around the edges of everything I could remember to use it on. I was going to use the blue paper from this collection except that it was of planes and we drove. I think those kinds of things are important. I don't do pages very often and they are usually of family and I am not real thrilled to post photos online. So this one was a good one for me to share. Hope you like it - I know I will try doing more without people again!! It sure was a good time! I am thinking I am going to be using it on my cards and then glueing the edges down with permanent after. Need to get cracking on my cards - I have almost a half a box done to send!! Had some people in to do some work on the house today so it was a good time to post this. Not a good time to craft!! Hugs to you all, Barb F

Monday, September 24, 2012

3 Cards from 1

This was the first card I made from the papers I picked out. I colored the image which is a digital one from Some Odd Girl. I just think she is adorable! The greeting is cut out from a paper pack! Here are the copics I used:E00, E11, E33, E35, E39, E29, E31, R20, B02, BG000. I don't often cut the images out anymore, but I did this one. That bow is ready made but if you check out Jennifer McGuire's stuff, she has directions awhile back.  So taking the papers, after doing the inside of the card just a little, I made card no.2. I didn't use all the papers I chose on this one but quite a lot of the embellishments I picked out in advance.
All of these cards are standard 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. They all used the same blue cardstock - why not?  So this second one I cut out that cute little ticket and mounted it on some of the brown. This one has lots of stickles but not nearly as many as usual. I use hemp for twine - the ball I bought way back when will probably go to my grave with me! It's not easy to use but I am determined to use it. I have to glue it in place one way or another or it sticks out. I actually used this one and made a gift card holder on the inside and wrote, did we get it right? I also used a new die set I bought from called card creator. Wow is that great! No more having to measure, just pick up a die, see if it looks right and cut it out! It's perfect, making it so easy to mount on your card!

And here is the 3rd card. You can see I made really good use of that card creator! I did the center rectangle using a Kristina Werner technique that I fell in love with. Now you can see all the papers I picked out. I love this one so much especially since it has all of the papers on it and guess what - no stickles!! I used Tim Holtz Vintage photo on edges on only 2 & 3. And I didn't have enough paper left to think about!! These are for a class I am taking called Kick Start. It is another and I am loving it. I am kind of an organization nut and this one is right up my alley! These cards are just so simple to do and took no time at all because I used Jennifer McGuire's trick of making all of them at the same sitting. Once your mojo is up and running, why not use it? Well, I did and hope you enjoy them! I also did a super fun scrapbook page which I will try to post real soon. Hugs to you all, Barb F

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Last September birthday

Now this card was really fun!! I bet you're thinking, she really got good with that calligraphy! Well, actually it's done on the computer!! If you are interested, I wrote the whole thing as the end of this post.  So while I was coloring Edwin I decided to use the Spica pens on the drinks. I am not a real fan of them, but I have quite a few! As it turned out, it was just the look I was going for. I did his belt buckle that way and didn't like it, so you got to know, I stickled it! Took me forever to pick out the paper as this came from the same pack but it's two sided and I really liked both sides! It seemed to be missing some pizzazz so I did the white dashed lines and then didn't really like them. Too bad. So as I always do when I am in doubt, I opened my stickles container (which is a cool, double spinner round thing that holds most of them. It looks like a modified dvd case which is what it probably is) and did some lines. I knew I had to quit and work on the inside. I know a lot of you keep commenting on how cute my envelopes are meaning the inside of the card! I probably have the plainest envelopes in existence!!

I used a balloon stamp and then paper pieced the balloons. Thought that came out so cute! Then I hunted through my "stamp" book to see if I had a drink glass. Of course, I did! Who knew? But there it was stamped in my book and I found it easily - this one is from one of those round just rite stamps that you press into a wooden holder. I bought several on closeout somewhere so I don't know if they even make them anymore, but I forget about them as I have them in a little box all their own - I can't find any way to put them in my filing cabinet. I cut the glass out after I copic colored it and its on dimensionals. Looked through all my word stamps and liked the size, style and what this one said.  Then I sprayed the entire half of the inside with this wonderful new spray I bought - Tsukineko Sheer Shimmer Spritz (Sparkle). They come two colors to a package. This one makes everything look like a fairyland!  I think the photo gives you an idea but I took a close up -

It's not real clear because of all the sparkle! I covered the other half of the inside so only this half would sparkle! Just know I do not keep track of paper names or companies. I am fortunate to just figure out what I want to use without keeping track of whose they are!
So here are the copics I use: E00, E11, E31, E35, E18, E29, E50, E51, E53, E57, R20, R27, R17, YR07, YG13, W7, W3, W5, W0, W2, SPICA11, 08, 03, 00.
Got to give credit where it's due. It's a little involved for how I got there but here goes : I was on the site hunting around for freebies and hoping I might find that Tami Taylor was going to do some more classes. Well, I got lucky and found both!! Tami's new class starts in January and is a kind of continuation of "Got Glue" except this time is for pay which is fine with me! I love her stuff! She's a bit off the wall like yours truly and I really connected! But the other thing I found was free and following that link took me to here:
That stands for photoshop elements which you can get for a free 30 day trial - no strings. I spent a few hours getting exactly what I wanted because I didn't spend anytime learning how to use the program. Just if it wasn't exactly what I wanted when it made the circle, it was too time consuming to figure out how to edit the text so I just dropped out and started again. Much quicker. I have to tell you that I was a Mechanical Designer (draftsman) and had worked on computer drawing things since they first became available in 1980! After that there wasn't much working on the board! It is real archaic to me to work with drawing programs available to the general public after the 3d modeling ones I worked with. I am not a snob, its just the truth.
You will see "The Secret to Creating a Circular Text in Photoshop Elements" by Pattie Knox on this page. That is what I printed and worked with. I know I didn't miss giving anyone credit on this. It took quite a few tries until I got the text size and type that I liked and I had to be sure my Edwin stamp fit inside! I was also limited to using 8 1/2 x 11 paper (that's what my printer holds) He just made it! Don't know how I could exist without a stamp positioner!
Thank you all for being so faithful and following me! It is just an uplift to get such super comments from you! Hugs to you all, Barb F

Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Chaos Tags

Awhile back, I joined an online yahoo group called All Things Tim. They really made this one for me!! I joined the most unique swap (at least I think it is). Eleven people make 12 tags each. The gal who is heading this swap is making toppers and placing each person's tag in a predefined spot on each canvas. When she is done, there will be 12 canvases. She will keep one and send the rest to the participants. I am so excited about this one that I guess I was probably the first one to send my tags in. Way back in July, I think! Anyhow today I realized that I hadn't posted the tags anywhere so I looked and I did indeed take a photo of a couple of them - I did make them all as close to alike as I could. I had the very best time making them - just know the photo isn't the best and of course the glitter and shine don't show very well, but you all know ---It's there!!!!

The tags are black. I took the Tim Holtz stamping cardstock and colored them with gathered twigs distress ink. Then I used one of his stencils and colored the background with Ripe persimmon (what a gorgeous color!!!), seedless preserves, shabby shutters and a little more of the twigs. You really can't see how cool that looks as the stencilled part looks white in the photo but it isn't. I can't tell you the order that I put things together so I am not going to try - I will just tell you what I did. I cut those colored backgrounds and glued them to a design paper that had the right colors and that I had enough of - quite a criteria! It happened to have dots and I really didn't like it after the fact. So of course, I stickled every one of those dots and let them dry! The rickrack thing is actually a sewing trim that was kind of neutral. I colored the entire spool of it using the purple and orange alternately. Even though I glued it on, it wasn't wanting to stay so I used the tiny attacher and attached until I got into the swing of it. I used tissue tape - Tim's of course on one end to help hold that trim down (which it didn't of course) so I stapled it also!! I took a piece of cardboard and glued a piece of black cardstock to one side (it is really the cardboard cut from a shipping box) and then I cut out all the tiny birds from  a mover and shaper bird on a base tray. they really are cute! I covered each one with black stickles as I really wanted them to stand out. I glued them on the "fence". That rosette looking thing is actually a piece of gaudy real lace trim with gold lame in it. I gathered the lace and then colored the rosette using my distress reinker to make them black. You should have seen my hands!!!! Good thing I have Tim's scrubbie. That thing is amazing! I do not know how I ever lived without it. This wasn't the best idea as you know the distress doesn't really dry. But then I thought, who is going to spray this canvas? Hopefully no one!! I colored a bunch of little gears and made some kind of danglely thing to put through the center of each and also a bow. Nothing is ever really complete without a bow, is it? Actually I had purchased that cool orange ribbon just for this and had to find a way to use it. To be sure I had enough of both the lace and the ribbon, I measured what length I had and then divided it into 12 pieces and made it work. Not an easy thing to do sometimes. I managed with the bows because I used a bow easy. Who ever invented that one was a sheer genius! You can make a bow with a minimal amount of ribbon and its just perfect. So then I just looked at the tags because they were still missing something. I found a tiny spider stamp and stamped her on each tag. Now I think we're done. I am always so afraid when I do a swap that whoever gets my stuff will not like it which is kind of why I don't do very many of them. I sure hope everyone in my swap group likes my tags. If they like them half as much as the fun I had doing them, I will be really thrilled!!!!I love Halloween and don't have anything to remind me of it - kids are all grown as are some of their kids. So I get to hang this in my "sewing room" that I do paper arts and crafts in!!
I wanted to say a little bit about my choices in distress inks. I picked out the gathered twigs to start with because it was a color I had never used (it was last fall's seasonal ink package with the ripe persimmon and concord crush). And also because I didn't think I would like it! Wow!! Was I ever wrong - it is the greatest color! If you don't use much, it is the best tan color and if you use a lot, it is the best all around brown. It seems to glow somehow. And that persimmons is my fav color ever! The purple seems to match almost all the dp's I own that are purple. So should I tell you that I own almost all of the inks pads and reinkers? I am working on a better storage system and if I ever get it worked out and finished, I will post it. I am not a "crafty" person - I do not like my hands to be all yucky and sticky but somehow when I am working with distress, it doesn't bother me one tiny bit!!
I am finishing up another birthday card - this one for a guy and will post it soon. I have caught up to the birthdays when this card is done, but I need to be making lots of cards for the Operation Write Home as I have not sent them a box yet. I know I can make several cards the same and I have lots of clean and simple cards from my class of the same name. I did sign up for the next with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner called Kick Start. I think it starts next week so there will be lots of cards from it. I am addicted to these online classes - we don't have a local scrapbook store very closeby. And while I am wandering: I just took a couple of free, travel at your own pace classes from Super cool classes and one of them Got Glue - was just so great for me and I was so disappointed when it was over. Well Tami is doing some more of it starting in January - for pay this time but I am so excited to take more of it!! My oldest daughter and one of my friends also did it .It is junk journalling which I had never even heard of before I took this class. I have so much fun with the stuff I learned. So those are the only two groups I have done classes with and I would highly recommend both groups. The are for two very different parts of what I call scrapbooking. One is mainly cards, the other scrapbook pages both digital and real (is that what you call a scrapbook page in a scrapbook?). Hope you enjoyed the tags. Hugs again to all of you, Barb F

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Big post!

I really have been missing - haven't done much crafting as I had to catch up on life. So I am going to post two cards today and you can tell me which one you like best - remember that I show the insides also since I learned to make them! There are two pieces to each of these. Both are female birthdays. This first one is for a dear friend. I am really pleased with the way it came out. I find that since I got my Vagabond and it is out and open, that I don't hesitate to use it at the drop of an idea! I bought this lattice die awhile back and couldn't really get it to cut - it cuts like butter (as they say) on the Vagabond! And what use is a lattice if you don't put something neat behind it? I pieced a view! If you can imagine a beach scene? It isn't but you can almost see it from the patterned paper, I think. This covers the entire card. My friend loves mice (not real ones, for heaven's sake!), so I thought this image perfect. It is on dimensionals. I cut those flowers out of a hero art's stamp/die set. One is stamped, the other just cut. They were too plain for my taste, hence the gems. I searched through my word category of my stamps and thought this was the one I needed for the front. While I was looking through my dies for something great to cut it, I realized that the butterfly would fit and be just what I wanted! Now here is the inside of the card, using the same dp as the outside.
I used two different stamps to get this greeting. Since they were both rubber, I had to use a stamp positioner. I love how those work and if you have rubber stamps, it is a have to have! All of the inside is done with paper. One of those flowers is dimensional, the other just glued flat. And here are the copics I used on the front:B0000, B14, B18, Y11, Y15, Y17, YG00, YG03, C2, C3, R14, C7, E31, E33, E35. It has been awhile since I colored and I managed to color a whole lot of images when I did this one as I needed several cards for September! Can't mail anything until Tues as the post office is closed for Labor Day.
This one is for one of my granddaughters. Her fav color is red with pink - that is how she phrases it! So I hunted through my ever increasing stash until I found a paper I could live with that was basically those colors. By the time I was actually putting the card together, I found I actually liked the papers I chose! Fancy that! I couldn't find a die to cut the fairy out - She is digital, but I had made her just a little too big. I wanted the background paper to show after all, so I cut it out by hand this way. It is on dimensionals. I had the idea of using that ribbon in a couple of places and I think it works without giving it a look of a package when you immediately look at it. Her name is cut out from a Tim Holtz alphabet strip die. That was just so much easier than using my cricut and welding them into one piece. I did glitter after they were on the card - after all its not MY card without a little stickles! I am practicing though since I am hoping to send a box of cards to Operation Write Home before too long.  The Happy Birthday is white heat embossed.  Don't forget the gems! And here is the inside.
Stamped the sentiment, found a die to fit and cut it. Since I was going to use brads, I needed to mount it to something before putting it on the card. You can get a pretty good view of the patterned paper here. That red strip is actually dp also. I tried for the similar subtle package thing with paper instead of ribbon on the inside. And here are the copics I used to color: E00, E11, E18, E33, E35, E37, R32, R37, R20, YG00, YG03, BG72, Y08, C1.
Remember there are two photos of each card. Would you like to tell me which one you like best?
I know there are a lot of people out there that keep notebooks of sketches for layouts for cards as well as scrapbooks. That one really isn't for me. I probably wouldn't think about looking at one. I guess I just like the freedom. I know I must assimilate from watching all those youtube videos and reading all those magazines. I can only tell you what I am thinking not where I got it from. I have taken a few online classes and I can assure you there are plenty of cards and layouts given for each class, so if you want to have more ammunition, take some classes. It probably doesn't matter whose class you start with - just jump in with both feet and get them really wet!! In the end, you are the one chosing what and how you will put on your card. My motto has become, if you don't like it, cover it or tear it off and put something else there!! Don't let it haunt you -    fix it!! Hugs to you all, Barb F