Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here come the tags!

The left tag is called stamping with stains. The white is the stain I stamped with. I only have a couple of stains - a brown, red, blue and white. Not much of a pallet, but you would never know it! You need to look at that one sideways since the other image is like a cityscape. The middle one is stamped kraft resist. Well, I didn't have that paper (its a whole huge pack), so I made my own Kraft resist paper. You just emboss the kraft with clear embossing powder. That would be the swirls you see. I love how this came out! Actually I love most all of them! The next one (with the bird) is marbled stains. That one really utilizes the white stain (picket fence). Remember I only have 4 including white!

So to be on the safe side to allow me to post my stuff to the class, I am going to make separate posts here for each day. I am all caught up and tomorrow is the last day of class except for the wrapup which I am not sure is either Sat. or Mon. I have a new grandson due on Tues. and after that will be working on the birthday card for a 4 yr old great grandson! Hope you are enjoying the tags. If not, I apologize but I am loving this class. Hugs to you all, Barb F

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