Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tim Holtz Class Chemistry 101

As you know, I am crazy about Tim Holtz' ink!! This class was made for me as well as the fact that I never got to take a class directly from him! How cool  is this? So I needed to find a place to share what I am making in the class. We are doing tag samples of the techniques (class just started on Monday, so you can still join us). I am going way out with the colors I have chosen, and found that they are just as cool as using only a couple. I am sure learning a lot I didn't know already. So here are the tags.

 This first tag has water spots on it. Fun! The second one is done by stamping and spraying with water. The third one is done by wiping the tag into color on your work surface and drying. These are small tags that I bought like 500 of them and real shipping tags! Great to use for this as they are super cheap  - not enough area to have a real blast with if you want to use them for anything. Hugs to you all - Keep watching - lots more tags to come as well as my cards - We have a baby coming (grandson) due in less than 2 weeks! Barb F


Sandy said...

I am in this class too - congratulations for completing these tags - they are great. Still have to do mine!

Sara said...

They're great!