Friday, January 17, 2014

My Take on Tim's January 2014 Tag

Thought this year I would keep up with Tim's 12 tags of 2014. This was lots of fun and due to my constant organizing lately, I was able to actually find stuff I had!! For those of you who are still following me, thank you, and here is a kind of blow by blow of what I did. First I cut a tag from Tim's Sizzix tag die - it also is what I cut that bookplate shape from. I don't particularly like using stain even though I have it so I just used antique linen distress over a gear stencil that I just bought. Sorry I don't know whose it is, maybe Heidi Swapp? I did do the edges in black soot and when I realized I didn't have black soot paint, I used chipped sapphire instead. So I also went back over the edges of my tag with chipped sapphire distress so it would go together. I did have grungepaper and the foil paper and followed his directions but used my bookplate and the piece it cut away instead of his pocket watch. I have a lovely embossing folder with stars on it - probably my favorite shape. Since I am in the process of organizing my stickers, I found the rub offs quite easily. Of course before last week, I didn't even know I had them! I also have never used rub offs, so it was a bit of a guess according to watching people use them on youtube. I loved it! Also didn't realize you got more than one sheet in the package.  Then I was going for some word stickers and remembered some that were gold and thought I would change things up so I could use them. Turns out, they weren't stickers and they included silver and there were 2 sheets of different words each color!Don't know whose they were or where or even when I got them. I cut out what I wanted - they are on black paper, leaving a tiny bit of black showing and glued them on. The TH mirrored stars are my favorite things so I put some of them on also. There were some places begging for something so I stamped the TH line of stars where I needed a touch. The little charm at the top is a tiny type but I stamped a star and put the clear thing over the star and cut it out. I glued it in place after tying a ribbon on the tag. I am going to make an art journal page with the tag . I decided that I have enough tag books for awhile and now I will use that tag as an embellishment in my journal.
As a little bit of an update - I haven't improved much on my vision and its very difficult for me to color. I do it only for very special things. I have gotten more into scrapbook pages and art journalling as they are much less precise. I miss coloring and have so many birthdays to do for but if I can find another way to make a card, I have been. Sorry again for being so absent - it did really upset me that I wasn't coloring. Here's hugs to all of you!!!Barb F