Thursday, January 12, 2012

Clean & Simple 1

I enrolled in an online class called Clean & Simple cards. So I promised myself that I would really participate and put my cards up as I did them. I am slightly behind, since this is my version of the first card and they are on day 4! There is more than one card per day so that gives you an idea! This one is supposed to have white dashed lines where the stickles line is. Mine was so crooked, that I realized I should have used a ruler! And since I didn't - well, you know, stickles fixes everything and it also looks more like something I would make! But look - no ribbon or flowers! Hope you like it. I did put some info in the sidebar. Hugs to you all, Barb F
So here is my edit - the center of the card is masked off before you stamp. So I was limited to whatever big stamps I had besides the greeting. I cut a few of the clocks out to use as my embellishment. They were a little too large to sit horizontally above my greeting, so I placed them on an angle. Hey, whatever works!

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Laurie said...

Best one of the clean and simple so far, I think. Great job.