Friday, January 13, 2012

Clean and Simple Day 1 - 2 more

Loved this one! Just my take on the card. This card was done using the "rest" of the cricut cut word thinking. The rest of the cut were the words "of you" I colored the whole thing with copics. This was fun on the thinking part since I don't very often use the broad end of the marker. I found a tiny open heart button in my stash and filled it with stickles! You knew that was coming when you saw the bow!!! I adore this card and will probably be making more.
Very clean and simple and I love this one, too! After hunting through my book, I found these gorgeous hibiscus' They are from 2 different companies but both were rubber stamps. Don't know about the companies of any of these, but love all of them. This card took a couple of minutes once I found the stamps. When this class is over, I will try to do a post on how I am now doing all of my stamps - even digital. Hugs all around, Barb F

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Laurie said...

These are fun. I liked your idea of making a pack of them.