Saturday, September 29, 2012

Operation Write Home cards

I have several cards to show you and talk about but first - I corrected a huge error! That scrapbook page I just posted is really in Blasdell, NY which is closer to Buffalo. I didn't realize it until DH looked at my page today and told me it was wrong! Just wanted to be sure you got the right town if you were trying to see it. It is on a main route through that town.

Awhile back, I sat with some scraps and cut out little squares just to get rid of that paper. Then I rounded corners here and there and if the paper looked too plain, I stamped little stamps or punched little punches. I laid some of them out on a couple of cards, didn't like them and they got put in with my scrap stuff. Well, yesterday I took that scrap stuff (pieces of cards, some die cuts and some stuff I partly colored or stamped) and decided it was time to do some operation write home cards with it. Somewhere along the way, and I don't know how I got it, was a rub off sheet with greetings. I have not used them before so I must have gotten them as a thank you with an order. I added them to these first two cards and put a few butterflies on dimensionals and voila!! Two cards - did the edges with vintage photo again.
I think they came out pretty good after all? It was a good way to use up small scraps. It was really ugly until I stamped a little and cut out a little. After all, the colors were very very random!!
This one is done entirely with washi tape - the background anyhow. I liked it, but didn't know what to do with it. It is also on the light tan cardstock - I take my photos ontop of a little box that is alcohol ink colored and inside of one of those things you spray ink. It refelects the light just enough to get a decent photo. I take these with my Iphone. Not bad, except when I send them to my pc they are usually 90 degrees off! So on this one, I added the on the edge die cut of the houses and little butterflies on dimensionals. I cut the front down as I made a larger piece to begin with.

This whole card was in that pile of stuff!! It was crooked on the card - like maybe I had been drinking!! I didn't know then that I could just recut it even if it made the card a bit smaller. See what you learn? It is really bright and again a good use for scraps. I can assure you this one wasn't planned! In real life, the colors aren't even close! It still looks pretty good, now that it's got even sides!
This was an embossed and stamped piece of cardstock colored with distress inks. All I did was cut it to leave a little margin left and right and make it even top and bottom. So all five cards took me very little time to finish up! I have about 35 cards and envelopes ready to go and its not even half of the box!! I am thinking I need to find a smaller box so I will make my goal date - Oct. 31. I can tell you that I can make a lot of cards with just the stuff I was working with yesterday!! Serves two purposes and one of them is getting lots of stuff that is hard to store out of my room!! I am planning on making a bunch of fairly simple cards to get sent - I have a whole lot of images colored that I am going to get cut out and stick on some cards!! Some of those I kept with a sticky note and the colors I used. I will post whatever info I have on all the cards I send out. If you look back through my blog, unless its a card for a specific person (which I say), I am including them in my OWH box. Some of them really weren't appropriate though - but not very many. As you know, they allow stickles because they don't come off and that is about all I ever use for glitz. I am trying not to use it so much and its not easy!! I miss that glitz!  It may be a week or so before I post again but hopefully there will be a lot. Hugs to you all, Barb F


Snoopy said...

Wow, Barb! These are so cool! I especially like the ones with the squares, although the distress ink one is a very close second.

Snoopy :D
Snoopy's Homemade Fun

Alicia said...

Barb, I didn't know it was possible to make a card without stickles LOL !!! I am addicted too.
Organization,Organization, Organization!!!! it is the monkey on my back I so need to do it!!!
I love the last card so simple but what a great look. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice compliment on my Tilda.

Christina C. said...

Very creative work, all your cards!!!! I didn't do anything today......spent the day playing with my granddogs...hahaha!

Laurie said...

Really like the new stuff. Way different from the coloring stuff but also very unique and I personally lov e it! I like to see the different ways you stretch your imagination! Great works! Keep 'em coming.

Jill said...

You did a beautiful job on your cards, Barb, I'm sure the troops will love them. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sheri said...

Love these Barb!! They have such a cool look to them! Very, very effective!!

Jean said...

Hi Barb, know I am late but better late than never.. Love all your cards but think my favorite is your last one, the multi colored brown and green (miss you). Love those colors together, but all of them are so well done and you did so much work. Great job!
Hugs, Jean