Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Chaos Tags

Awhile back, I joined an online yahoo group called All Things Tim. They really made this one for me!! I joined the most unique swap (at least I think it is). Eleven people make 12 tags each. The gal who is heading this swap is making toppers and placing each person's tag in a predefined spot on each canvas. When she is done, there will be 12 canvases. She will keep one and send the rest to the participants. I am so excited about this one that I guess I was probably the first one to send my tags in. Way back in July, I think! Anyhow today I realized that I hadn't posted the tags anywhere so I looked and I did indeed take a photo of a couple of them - I did make them all as close to alike as I could. I had the very best time making them - just know the photo isn't the best and of course the glitter and shine don't show very well, but you all know ---It's there!!!!

The tags are black. I took the Tim Holtz stamping cardstock and colored them with gathered twigs distress ink. Then I used one of his stencils and colored the background with Ripe persimmon (what a gorgeous color!!!), seedless preserves, shabby shutters and a little more of the twigs. You really can't see how cool that looks as the stencilled part looks white in the photo but it isn't. I can't tell you the order that I put things together so I am not going to try - I will just tell you what I did. I cut those colored backgrounds and glued them to a design paper that had the right colors and that I had enough of - quite a criteria! It happened to have dots and I really didn't like it after the fact. So of course, I stickled every one of those dots and let them dry! The rickrack thing is actually a sewing trim that was kind of neutral. I colored the entire spool of it using the purple and orange alternately. Even though I glued it on, it wasn't wanting to stay so I used the tiny attacher and attached until I got into the swing of it. I used tissue tape - Tim's of course on one end to help hold that trim down (which it didn't of course) so I stapled it also!! I took a piece of cardboard and glued a piece of black cardstock to one side (it is really the cardboard cut from a shipping box) and then I cut out all the tiny birds from  a mover and shaper bird on a base tray. they really are cute! I covered each one with black stickles as I really wanted them to stand out. I glued them on the "fence". That rosette looking thing is actually a piece of gaudy real lace trim with gold lame in it. I gathered the lace and then colored the rosette using my distress reinker to make them black. You should have seen my hands!!!! Good thing I have Tim's scrubbie. That thing is amazing! I do not know how I ever lived without it. This wasn't the best idea as you know the distress doesn't really dry. But then I thought, who is going to spray this canvas? Hopefully no one!! I colored a bunch of little gears and made some kind of danglely thing to put through the center of each and also a bow. Nothing is ever really complete without a bow, is it? Actually I had purchased that cool orange ribbon just for this and had to find a way to use it. To be sure I had enough of both the lace and the ribbon, I measured what length I had and then divided it into 12 pieces and made it work. Not an easy thing to do sometimes. I managed with the bows because I used a bow easy. Who ever invented that one was a sheer genius! You can make a bow with a minimal amount of ribbon and its just perfect. So then I just looked at the tags because they were still missing something. I found a tiny spider stamp and stamped her on each tag. Now I think we're done. I am always so afraid when I do a swap that whoever gets my stuff will not like it which is kind of why I don't do very many of them. I sure hope everyone in my swap group likes my tags. If they like them half as much as the fun I had doing them, I will be really thrilled!!!!I love Halloween and don't have anything to remind me of it - kids are all grown as are some of their kids. So I get to hang this in my "sewing room" that I do paper arts and crafts in!!
I wanted to say a little bit about my choices in distress inks. I picked out the gathered twigs to start with because it was a color I had never used (it was last fall's seasonal ink package with the ripe persimmon and concord crush). And also because I didn't think I would like it! Wow!! Was I ever wrong - it is the greatest color! If you don't use much, it is the best tan color and if you use a lot, it is the best all around brown. It seems to glow somehow. And that persimmons is my fav color ever! The purple seems to match almost all the dp's I own that are purple. So should I tell you that I own almost all of the inks pads and reinkers? I am working on a better storage system and if I ever get it worked out and finished, I will post it. I am not a "crafty" person - I do not like my hands to be all yucky and sticky but somehow when I am working with distress, it doesn't bother me one tiny bit!!
I am finishing up another birthday card - this one for a guy and will post it soon. I have caught up to the birthdays when this card is done, but I need to be making lots of cards for the Operation Write Home as I have not sent them a box yet. I know I can make several cards the same and I have lots of clean and simple cards from my class of the same name. I did sign up for the next with Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner called Kick Start. I think it starts next week so there will be lots of cards from it. I am addicted to these online classes - we don't have a local scrapbook store very closeby. And while I am wandering: I just took a couple of free, travel at your own pace classes from Super cool classes and one of them Got Glue - was just so great for me and I was so disappointed when it was over. Well Tami is doing some more of it starting in January - for pay this time but I am so excited to take more of it!! My oldest daughter and one of my friends also did it .It is junk journalling which I had never even heard of before I took this class. I have so much fun with the stuff I learned. So those are the only two groups I have done classes with and I would highly recommend both groups. The are for two very different parts of what I call scrapbooking. One is mainly cards, the other scrapbook pages both digital and real (is that what you call a scrapbook page in a scrapbook?). Hope you enjoyed the tags. Hugs again to all of you, Barb F


Susan Dube said...

Gorgeous! I'm sure whoever received them loved them!

Paper Tails said...

I love your tags! Totally awesome.....