Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Guess What?

Today I am going to post a scrapbook page! Just a little history and then I will post it and tell you all the details. I have been watching "Glitter Girl" on the youtube channel. They post a lot of other things, but that is the one I never  miss. I just love the stuff she comes up with and that she explains her thinking while she is doing. I like knowing why people chose what they do. But here is a huge tip that I finally picked up on. Use repositionable tape when you are laying out a scrapbook page. It is supposed to set up permanent if you leave it alone for a long time. I do change my mind a whole lot and it was getting really difficult to lay out a page with everything rolling all over the place! Then once you have a pretty good idea of what you want, you can use permanent adhesive to stick little sections together. I have left my page alone for a couple of days, in a page protector in my album. I am going right  now and see if its permanent. ----- OK - here's  my take -- if you are very careful, I think you might still be able to pull it apart. I know its all still where I put it, so I am using it from now on!! I think I got it almost perfectly placed for a wild change!! It was so much fun to lay this out and I can hardly wait to try it again doing a different style. There was a bit of a challenge at two peas in trying to cluster embellishments, I used up a whole lot of stuff that I have had for an eternity (not really but a long time!). DH works away from home when he works and years ago had worked around Blasdell, NY. He told me about some really neat things in and around that town. So a couple years ago, we were driving to Niagara Falls and he made sure we went through Blasdell. I took photos while we were driving past this building and always wanted to scrap it. I am also hooked on the papers I used. They are from the same paper collection as I used for DH anniversary book awhile back. It's amazing how far one of those goes when you hoard it!!
Going from left to right, top to bottom, the first photo is approaching the building. It is next to a church but I am not sure if it was part of the church or not. The second photo is it - looks like it should be long in old Rome or Greece? The third photo if you look up near the orange tab, you would see a little statue on top blowing a horn.  The words by the bird say "I spy with my little eye"! Ok how cute is that? It was a sticker that I put on cardstock and it has dimensionals on the back. I can't remember what I cut that little bird from but it was cardboard and an advertisement! He is also on dimensionals. I framed all the photos as they got lost on the paper. I wanted to use the busy paper for my whole background but it was a bit much so I put the orange tone on tone in the middle to break it up - its not exactly in the middle or that would be boring.  My photos also didn't fit within the center area and I like them better this way, but all of my orange and busy paper go entirely to both sides. I found a couple border stickers that I liked in my stash. I had to cut them as they are heavy and would not have looked nice under the photos. And then I built up my embellishment stacks! Since nothing was permanently adhered down, it was fun moving them around. Glitter Girl says to try to have everything laid out to help the viewer move around the page and see it all. That is why they all seem to point to the next photo - at least I hope so. I had a stack of colored tags that matched this paper so exactly, it was amazing!! And I used a whole lot of them. They were mostly plain which is why I think it worked. I used Tim Holtz Vintage Photo distress ink around the edges of everything I could remember to use it on. I was going to use the blue paper from this collection except that it was of planes and we drove. I think those kinds of things are important. I don't do pages very often and they are usually of family and I am not real thrilled to post photos online. So this one was a good one for me to share. Hope you like it - I know I will try doing more without people again!! It sure was a good time! I am thinking I am going to be using it on my cards and then glueing the edges down with permanent after. Need to get cracking on my cards - I have almost a half a box done to send!! Had some people in to do some work on the house today so it was a good time to post this. Not a good time to craft!! Hugs to you all, Barb F

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Sande said...

Love the building...must put on my list of places to visit when I go to Niagara Falls again, which is not soon enough. Wish I could live there..I love it.

Great layout...and I like using the re-positionable tape...especially good for me as my eye sight is not great and I usually end up with something not where it should be or on a slant...not a good thing.

Thanks for sharing.