Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding Over

 These are the final photos of my album. I am also back from the wedding. They didn't open gifts at the reception, so I don't know their reaction yet. They did go on a honeymoon. Funny how much this album suited both of them! Must have had a heavenly hand on my shoulder! I need to get busy as I have 3 birthdays in the first 10 days of September!!! I am just dying to try some stuff out with my vagabond and also remembering some lacy things on my Cricut that absolutely need to be on at least one of the new cards. I also have a bunch of cards to make for Operation Write Home so I can actually mail some off and make it official that I am participating. Its been quite a long time since I got to color with my copics and that has to be remedied!
While we were driving to the wedding, my husband made the remark that I wasn't "knitting"?  You have to know, he calls EVERYTHING I do, knitting. But that reminded me also that I was going to try knitting some cancer caps. So last night, I got out stuff to make one and started it. I used to knit (really) on every trip we took. Since we were traveling on average of 20 hrs a month to see his kids while they were growing up, I did make a lot of knitted things.  It is the only thing I can do without looking constantly at it (hence, it didn't make me car sick!). I have quite a bit of yarn left from the last baby afghan and its sport and very soft - will post it when I get it finished and if I think it's nice, I will make more and take them to the local hospital for distribution. It gets pretty cool up here in the winter time so if they can't use them (can hardly imagine that), there are plenty of shelters. I should be back on track fairly soon. Have some more cleaning to catch up on. Hugs to you all and thanks for hanging in there with me! Barb F


Danielle said...

Gorgeous work, Barb. and I love the idea of knitting caps, too. I have gotten away from knitting lately.

Ellis said...

You have done a fantastic job on the album, hope they liked it! =)
Sounds like you will be busy crafting and knitting now!
Hugs, Elenor

julieprice3 said...

Great job, I'm sure they liked it. Hugs Julie P