Friday, August 17, 2012

Gift Album

Along with the wedding card for my grandson, I made an album that they could use to put photos of their honeymoon and whatever else into. I used the method I watched from Margaret of     Honestly it wasn't nearly as easy as she makes it look!! Guess I am not the real crafty person, but I did like how it came out. It was truly a labor of love. I took a lot of photos - with the tags in the pockets and without and if the tags were decorated, I took a photo then also. The couple is mixed racially and I wanted to be sure not to offend anyone, hence the people in my stamps are not colored in. Also I am not very adept at different skin tones. That is something needing practice. So here is my book - it is about 6 x 7 in size. Let me know how you like it and be sure to check out Margaret's youtube videos if you want to make one. It would have been a whole lot easier to just make one the same size as hers - dumb me!

 This is all I am able to upload at this time. You are halfway thru page 9 and there are only 10 pages in the whole thing. Blogger will not let me upload anymore photos - maybe there is a daily limit. I have never done this many before. The binding was done with a piece of tyvek which was white. If I had known how awful it would look inbetween the pages, I would have colored it with my copics BEFORE I put the pages on it. It was pretty hard to do after, but I managed.  The very last photo shows a bird. I "fussy" did this page as I really wanted that bird to show. Next time I will just stick to embellishments. That was a difficult process. I felt very uncoordinated making this. I added all those ribbons so they would know those tags were really a part of the album, then I decided to include a note of "instruction" so they would know my intent. I probably won't be there when they open it. The colors are the colors they chose for their wedding. Thought it would be better than just white and then I wasn't so sure. Not planning on making another album for a very long time - very long!! Hugs to you all, will add the other photos next time if blogger will let me. Barb F


Christina C. said...

Wow, Barb, this looks like a labor of love.....I'm not sure I would want to do this (maybe when I'm retired!). You did a magnificent job on this and I'm sure the intended couple will treasure it!
Bravo for undertaking this task!!!!!

ScrappySandie said...

Hi Barb! The album is lovely! Wow, what a huge amount of time & effort & LOVE you put into it! The individual pages are SO pretty, such rich colors and embellishments! I love all the pockets and tags. The newly weds will surely love it too! TFS!!

Ellis said...

Stunning album you have made! =)
The pages looks great and that tags too! Perfect embellishments!
Hugs, Elenor

Snoopy said...

What a beautiful gift! I'm sure they'll treasure it.

Snoopy :D
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