Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 5

This card has a lot going on. The front top couple of inches are cut off and I used that same alphabet stamp to add all the "up"s. It's pretty obvious that there is some kind of balloon on the inside.
I stamped the balloon image and paper pieced the colored balloons. The black ones are stickled! I cut little strips of patterened paper to edge the center piece and it still looked lost in the background paper, so I ran a line of black stickles and then it looked right to  me. I originally was going to cut apart the greeting and stamp the ups on the front that way, but the letters were just too close - look at how the p's overlap into the second row a little. I love that background with the center covered. It has clouds and stuff.  This one took a bit as I had to stamp each letter separately onn the front. I loved the cut front though. Hugs, Barb F

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Sheri said...

Awesome card Barb!! I love this on A LOT!