Friday, July 20, 2012

3 for today (1)

This card is just such a cool technique! You use double sided sticky tape and burnish superfine glitter onto it. That gives you the white center. Well, I actually had to order both online and wait until their arrival to make the card! It was sure worth it. The glitter is called Ritz, I believe and it is transparent and as I said, superfine. The double sided tape sheets are the same material as scoretape - who knew? It would have taken me forever to cover a circle with 1/4" tape, but I could have done it. Anyhow, then you stamp and color - I used copics and archival ink that I made sure was dry. It is that swing card that we made for day 7. Onto posting the other two cards I made today.

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..Karen said...

These are beautiful Barb!! : )