Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wow! And some more technique

I am overwhelmed at the response my last post got! Welcome to my new people as well as my "old" ones! I can't believe how many followers I have! As most of you know, I am just a crafter - actually I have become a crafter since I started making cards! Because of some of the emails I have received, I am going to elaborate just a little more about copics.
Here is how I plan a card, a project, or even a scrapbook page. First I decide on the image/s I am going to use, then stamp on white cardstock. If I am coloring or not depends on which cardstock I use. Remember, I don't sell my stuff. Then I find the appropriate papers or cardstocks that I think I will use. When you cut the white cardstock that you stamped to color, you have scraps. Make yourself  an inch wide scrap or so. Now that you have the papers selected, you can take your colored copic chart and try to match up colors. When you think you have a color picked out, make a colored line going to the edge of your scrap. Now you can really match it up to the cardstock. Take that colored edge right up to the paper you want to use. Sometimes (actually a lot of the time) you might need to mix colors to get exactly what you want. (Mixing is touching one tip of one marker to the tip of another marker, and then coloring. - Don't forget to clean that tip off by coloring on scrap until it colors only the color it is supposed to !). I usually write the color on the swatch if I think I might use it. I do this for all the colors that are in the papers. This is just a beginning. I remove those colors from my boxes, plus the E00, E11 and R20 which I usually use for the skin tones. I move the boxes out of my way and start. When I am finished, it is pretty easy to put the markers in the section they belong. I colored a chart which I downloaded ages back from that is how you spell it.) I now buy my markers from Met the guy in my certification class. He is quick, and the least expensive, and usually has everything in stock. I think he may also have a chart. You will want to print it on the paper/cardstock you will be using so that the color will be exactly for your images as for the chart. Then of course, you will color it with the copics you have.  Here is a photo of the swatches for the last two cards I made. There are more colors listed on the back as I do try to keep track of what I really use. But this is how I start. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think! I will be posting these two cards. One today and the other soon as I get more time. Hugs to all of you! Barb F

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