Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tutorial and "pattern" for Dividers

You asked for it! I never even thought of trying this before!
Start with a file folder - new or old. It is heavy weight paper and long enough to use one piece for the project.

Measure the inside of your box. This one is 6" wide X 9" long X 2 " deep. Make sure you write the measurements down. Measure twice to be sure you have measured correctly. You heard of the old adge - measure twice, cut once?

Cut the index tab off the folder.

This is the hard part. Turn the folder 90 degrees, keeping it folded. Cut it to the 6" wide. This is your width measurement. If you have a similar type of paper cutter, it will take you more than one cut to get all the way through both sides of the folder. Look at the next photo and you will see how I handled that. After I got the top layer cut, I had to pull the folder out so I could open it up.

Now you can finishcutting that piece off at the crease. Look at the next photo so you can see how to cut the remaining side of the folder.

This is turned around so you can see better, I hope. Cut this flap off.

There is still another piece remaining where you cut this flap from. Turn and cut again.

You will end up with a file folder that is only 6" wide after you cut the remaining side off.

Here is how you score your folder. Open it up. I decided that I wanted to increase the size in the middle from 3" to 3 1/2". It doesn't matter what size you choose, just divide that amount by two and measure that distance from the center fold of the folder. In the picture, I show both measurements off of the center fold. Now every score you make will be incremental from the previous score. You will want to be very sure of your measurements before scoring. If one is wrong, they will all be wrong. OK, so after you initial scores, measure 2" towards the ends and score again. The 2" is the depth measurement. From there, measure 1/4" and score. This is the width of the divider. It will give more stability to the divider. Then measure 2" again and score. This is so you can bend the divider into the outer pockets. If your divider doesn't sit down all the way in your box, you can either round the corners, or trim a little off the ends.

Once you are sure this fits the way you want it to, adhere it to the box with scor-tape or any other adhesive that is easy to use and will really hold. The dividers are supposed to move. That will allow you to be able to put your hand in to grab the copics so you can find the colors you want to use. So here are the score lines for a box divided into 3 equal parts. I suggest scoring from the center out to each side and this is how I am giving you the inch increments.

2 ---1/4 ---2 ---1 1/2 ---center ---1 1/2 ---2 --- 1/4 ---2
Sure hope this helps. Don't think I am going to try this tutorial stuff for a very long time!! It is a whole lot harder than it looks. I imagine if I had a camcorder this would have been a snap, but then maybe not. I tried to make this as easy and clear as possible. Hugs to you all. I hope some of you got to watch the copic tutorials from the Make it crafty gal. Wait until tomorrow when I post how much I have improved!!! I have to finish my card first though. Barb F

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crazycanca said...

thank you very much for your tutorial! I now try to do this divider for my copic box!