Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Copic Storage

I found these wonderful boxes at JoAnn's.They come as a stack of 3 - 2 are this size and the other one is about half as deep. This stack is made from 2 purchases. That gives you 2 lids, 4 deep boxes and 2 shallow ones. The shallow stack I use to keep images that I have colored but not put on anything and also images that I have just stamped ready to color. They are deep enough to use for quite a few things. So here are some photos of how I store my Ciao markers. I do have a few sketchers and I think one of each of the original and wide. I made the dividers from file folders as they are long enough to do this and the material is sturdy. If  you wait until these go on sale I think they are about $5 a set (normally $10). I love the mobility of these. They hold the entire set of Ciao including the 36 new colors. That is what I have in them plus a few extra pens and things. Because they are plastic, they aren't heavy and are waterproof and if you put the lid on correctly and latch the boxes together, they are also spill proof! That last proof is really necessary for me. I have a set I put the reinkers in.I just love these boxes!! So here is how to make the dividers from a colored file folder. Cut it 6" wide x the entire open length. This will take a couple of putting into a paper cutter or you can mark it and cut it with scissors. You should have a piece 6" x 16" or so. Find the center and score 1 1/2" each side of that. There will be a 3" flat between the scores. From one of the score lines, score 2" away, then 1/4" away, then another 2". Now turn it around and do the same thing - 2", 1/4", 2". One end will be 1/2 " longer than the other but since neither one goes to the end of the box, it doesn't matter. I used scor-tape to adhere it to my box. And here is how I chose to fill it. On the blue divider, I put B/, E/ ,C&W. Obviously one color to each section. On the orange divider, BV/, V/, RV. On the green divider, YG, G, BG. On the red divider, YR/, R/, Y.
all of the Ciao

what the inside looks like

there are more E's

see divider from the side view

inside of the lid

looking down on the empty box


Anonymous said...

I bought the same box at Lowes. I never thought of the idea of adding paper to divide them... Thanks for the idea.

Abbylicious said...

Hi Barb, that's a wonderful idea! I have some of those that I use for other things but never thought of using them for my copics. Thanks bunches for sharing!
Judy K.

BUNGA said...

Hi Barb... nice to know you.. I'm Bunga from Indonesia.. thanks for sharing... I also have these stacks ;))

Barb Hardeman said...

Very cool Barb! You markers look fabulous in your stackable boxes...very portable!!!

Candy said...

Great Copic storage idea!!
I have seen these used for other purposes but never Copics!!!
Thanks for sharing :o)
Hugs, Candy

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb,
Love your copic storage containers. My daughter and I are outgrowing our current system so this is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your great idea!

Amy B.

Tracy V. said...

NICE! Thats exactly how much friend stores hers too. Nice and portable. I'm just lazy and like just being able to "pluck" mine out of my bins! LOL

Jane said...

I use the exact same thing only I have my colors all sorted into seperate layers.

Cindy said...

Great idea! Definitely going to have to check this out!

Fran said...

Hi Barb,
I love your idea but I have already invested in a storage bin for my Copics. However, I love those plastic boxes and will be checking them out & hope to purchase them. Thanks for the great tip. Hugs, Fran

2KutiesGrandma said...

Great idea! Does anybody know what these bins are called / what brand they are?

Roxx said...

I looked on Joann's & Lowes can't find!! I would love to have a set, can you tell us what the name of the bins/brand is?

Anonymous said...

HI there, I am not sure if this will leave my name, so I will, I am Jennifer, in Ga, but a Canadian transplant! I just completed my ciao set, and I hate having to drag all the boxes with me, from storage shelf, to my desk, never mind to a work shop! I was just in Joann's tonight! I wish I would have read this before I went, especially since they have their storage on sale. SO I will go back, and get these!
Thanks for the info! I am glad it landed in my in box!
Jen :)

Kerry said...

Oh I love them...but as I'm in Australia we dont have that store here - do any Aussies have any suggestions????
I am new to Magnolia stamps and Copic markers but I will be investing in some this year (mind you I will have to sneek them past hubby)...
Keep up the great work
xxx Kerry )O(

Roxx said...

I found them in our Hobby Lobby store. Unfortantely they only had one!It comes in sets of 2 for $7.99