Thursday, September 16, 2010

Get well, or else!!

Made this card for my oldest daughter who is terribly ill at present. She is fairly far away from me and never wants me to travel there when she is ill as she says she wants to enjoy my visit. So I sit home and mope because "Mommy can't fix things anymore!". She is, after all a Grandma herself! I looked for an image that I thought would cheer her up. This Tilda always does that for me. I colored her awhile back before I came up with my post it plan. Of course my daughter loves color as much as I do, so this one is really colorful. I wanted to do something I had never done before on anyone's card. I came up with this faux mirror kind of thing. I could have put silver paper behind her, now that I think of it, but I can assure you, it would have been a nightmare to photograph! I did get to play a whole lot with my new I-Rock! I usually lace edge strips I add, but somehow I thought it looked better just as a stripes. This kid of mine loves stripes! I didn't photo the inside but I used Prang metallic pens to write a message with and there's a cute circle of a beaver I cut from the Green paper stack. He says "Because I said so!". I wanted to get this in the mail ASAP and ended up making an envelope for it. There is a video on youtube how to make an envelope - this one is super easy as you measure the card diagonally, add an inch = the square measurement for your cardstock envelope. I use cardstock to go thru the mail as it helps protect along with wrapping the card in bubblewrap (the tiny bubble kind). Anyhow, you turn the paper to be diamond shape, place your card as near to center as possible. I draw lightly the corners with pencil. Staying at least 1/4 outside of these lines, try to line it up on a score thing and score your 4 lines, cut the tiny corner overlap out , use scor-tape and you are in like Flynn!!

Now, about the post-its - I found that I always choose my copics from the color chart before I begin coloring. It is just less I have to have around me. I usually have my papers chosen so I can match colors. If I am in doubt, I have a scrap of the white paper I am using to try the markers on. Once I pick out all that I think I will use, I write them on a post-it which I stick to my surface. If I don't use something, I cross it out when I put the marker away. It seems like a good system as then I can stick the post-it to the back of the image. Then when I do make a card, I will know what colors I used. Or when I post it. Hugs to you all, hope this cheers you all up also!!! Barb F


Barb Hardeman said...

Hi Barb, this is very sweet! I love the dark green background with the bright pinks and yellows. I'm sure this will brighten your daughter's day completely. All you little embellies are just beautiful. I hope she gets well soon too!

Anonymous said...

You have certainly put a lot of effort into this lovely card Barb and it shows, it is a gem. I'm sure it will brighten your DD's day when she receives it. Great job.
My DH and I visited Vancouver and Whistler on our round the world trip in '06 and absolutely loved it, simply stunning.

Jean said...

Barb, this is absolutely adorable. Tilda is colored so adorablely and I love your papers.. with a cute card like this she had better get well.. I bet the beaver inside is also cute.. always love your cards..
Hugs, Jean

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet card. I love the colors. I hope your daughter gets to feeling better soon. Great tip about the makers!!

Cami said...

Very pretty and cheerful card for your daughter. I hope she's getting better. Hugs, Cami

Rene said...

She's pretty enough to make anyone feel better! :D

Tisha Grindley said...

Again - another beautiful card. Just love the colors. Love pink and green together - and the other colors just go so well. Great job and I'm sure your daughter will love it!!

Sheri said...

First things first...I truly hope this brightens your daughter's day. I know she'll see how much love your put into it! It is such a beautifully cheery card! ((hugs))

Betsy said...

So cute!!!

Trish D said...

Such a sweet card :)

LINDA W. said...

I hope that your Daughter is better
real soon....your card will truley
cheer her up.
Love your coloring and your embellies.
Hugs Linda

cabio's craft corner said...

So very sweet card and the hot pink shows up nicely on top of the dark background :o)

Dena said...

Your card is so sweet and such cheerful colors! Darling!
Hugs, Dena

Lisette Morris said...

Adorable!! The cheerful colors are fantastic!! Too cute!!

Nancy said...

Very cheerful card. I so hope it brighten's your daughter's day and helps her feel better.

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Awwww.....what a sweet card! I'm sure she'll just love it. I love the ring with the flowers as well. Perfect!

Handmade by Vivi said...

OMG, I your card is adorable!!
great job on it!!

Anonymous said...