Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recipe Swap - 2nd one

Last Recipe Swap I didn't even think to take photos and this time I did! Since there are 6 of them, I will do it in two posts - There are a lot of people in this swap and I make everyone a bit different. At least this time I used the same general sketch. Last time they were as different as night to day! I didn't really have time right now but I made it as the ones I got back last time (first time) were just too cute! I think I have learned the most from the cards I have received since joining the Yahoo groups! If you don't have a lot on your plate, you don't even have to use Maggie to make yourself some recipe cards!! They are so much fun to have and refer to when you are cooking! Puts a great big old smile on your face! The outside dimension is 6" X 6". The next layer is set in 1/4" all around. The rest is totally up to you. I am going to make a box for them soon. Hopefully SCS will have something I can use. That is such a great site ( to find how to make things and the dimensions to use to get you started. Lots of Youtube videos. Hope you enjoy looking at these - a comment is always appreciated!!! Hint hint!!I did not keep track of copics, sorry. Hugs, Barb F


Lisette Morris said...

Great recipe swap! They are adorable, I love the color combination.

LINDA said...

Barb...Love your recipe cards alot
of work that turned out great.
Linda W.