Friday, July 16, 2010

My Stamp Storage System - only not mine

Everyone sooner or later discusses stamp storage and I finally found one that works for all my stamps. The gal who made all our Magnalicious pdf files has really saved me tons of work by making those files. Wish I could give credit to whoever's idea this was, I can only tell you it wasn't mine. I organized my wooden stamps by stamping them on sheets of notebook paper according to what was on the stamp - if there are flowers and a note and maybe a sun on this particular stamp, I might have stamped this stamp on the page for flowers, also on the one for words, and on the misc. sheeet (for the sun). I must have about 12 dividers in this notebook! I number this stamp with the next number available (keep a post-it with next number to be used in front of the book) and mark it on the wood block as well as every page I stamped it on to identify it. I have about 50 stamps in each plastic container that I am using for wooden stamps and on the outside I show the sequential numbers that are in the box. I also have other types of stamps with a similar system only using the page protectors for 5 x 7 photos . I haven't catalogued many of them as its quite a bit of work to stamp each stamp and clean them and return them, but except for the Magnolia stamps. The Magnolia stamps have their own book with printout of all those files in it. I star it with red pencil if I own that stamp, and in red is the number of the little plastic box it is in. I can find it easily and when I look thru the book. I know if a own a stamp. If it isn't listed, I stamp it either on the back of the sheet before where I think it belongs (star and number) or on the back of the sheet. I have my background stamps that I have bought also in this book. They are stamped near the images I usually use with them. I also made up a wish list for the whole thing and keep it right up in front in the notebook's pocket and check it out before I purchase to be sure that list gets movement!! I am going to try the baseball card sheet protectors as well as sewing on the ones I already have. I have a label maker that I plan on using to number my "pouches" for the clear stamps, etc. I will skip a couple of thousand in my numbering system so I can keep the wooden stamps separate but also use a letter in front of the number to indicate type of stamp (c =clear ci=cling r=rubber). Thanks for all the ideas from all of you who see your ideas posted here. Finding the stamps by number and picture(image stamped) has been wonderful for me!!
I will add some photos of my notebook pages later today so you might understand what I am trying to explain!! Hugs to you all, Barb F
here's a couple photos of my stamp number books. The second one is for Magnolia stamps.

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