Monday, June 21, 2010

No card - just words!

Thought I might take this time to ask a couple of questions of my followers - whether you are actually signed on or not. I am thinking of teaching a copics class now that I am certified. Do any of you have a favorite card of mine? Why is it your fav? I won't be using Magnolia stamps as I want this to be a beginner class with as few copics as I can get away with. After all, they will be buying the kit and paying me. I think that skin should wait a bit as its not colors you can get a lot of other use with. Fur is not on my near horizon to teach. So whatcha think?
Another topic that has been on my mind is all of these blog candy things. I have never sold anything or gotten paid for teaching anything so I haven't offered any. Do you think I need to yet? I just started this thing in March. I am truly amazed at how many followers I have! I appreciate all of you. You pick me up when I am down! You all give me so much encouragement!
I am working on another stationary box. It is for a group I belong to - a door prize - so I need to get it done. I will post it as it will contain images I have colored, when I am finished with it. I just finished a bunch of recipe cards for a Magnolicious swap.  After I send them and they are distributed, I will post them. They came out really cute! Last time I made each one a different layout - this time they are all the same layout - just different papers and images.  Hugs to all of you!!

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Sheri said...

Oh gosh...I don't have any answers for you, but I did want to wish you tons of luck! How about picking a hair color and going with that.
Blog candy.. I've had my blog for a couple of years and have yet to do that...but I think about it quite often! Let me know how it all turns out. (((hugs))