Friday, May 21, 2010

Little comments I left out

These are a few things you would see if you were looking at my Happy Box in person. Tilda's violin is glossy accents, There is an acetate curved piece (colored with gold alcohol ink - Tim Holtz) by the center Tilda. I put it there mainly to hold a bow in "thin air". Colored it so it would look nicer as I didn't like the look after I saw it clear. The packages by her feet are each made at a different distance from her - 3d effect. The flowers behind her are to cover the cardstock pieces that hold the whole thing up. I put glitter on all the big white flowers and the few I colored from stamping. The Tilda in the middle also has glitter on her socks and wand and the stardust around the wand. I used one of those bow ezy things so my bows would be the same size. I had a cupcake stamp from somewhere that I cut the very top off and I put those 3d stickers on Tilda only so I could get the box lid shut! I had intended to add a sentiment on a springy thing in the center and also to add Tildas to each panel on the outside of the box. I was also going to add a much more fancy top than I ended up with. Now maybe you can enjoy looking at this more. I have lots of gitter and most of my papers have lots of glitter!! I only do wish I had not used black cardstock. I think the blue or green or pink would have been much better - I ony had black and white 12 x 12 to chose from. Guess I should have shopped better! nHugs to you all!!

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Laurie said...

This box is fantastic! So now we know there are even more great unseen things that are even more of a surprise for the lucky person getting to open the box! Anyone lucky enough to have a birthday AND get to open the box is very lucky indeed! Great Job. It's beautiful.