Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary

This is a standup card with a twist that I gave my DH today as part of his anniversary gift. I got a beautiful smile as well as a fab gift of jewelry!! I colored the little guy in the boat awhile back so I can't tell you for sure which copics I used, but here are what I can recall for the rest of the card. The deep blue water is designer paper - wish I could color so good!!
 E50,51,53,57, 00,11,02, 49,31,33,35,37,29,21; Y02, 15,17; YG67: G14,17: W1,3: C1,3,5,7, YR68, 61, B0000,93,95,97,23,24,60,32; R20,22,27. Here is the shed:
Here is cutie Edwin:  :  and Edwin & the boat:the bear:
I used a lot of stickles as you all know I love sparkle! I used distress stickle on the gold fish mounted on the shed. Lime green stickles in the flower boxes and also flower soft. I always color first as I am never sure what I would like before I do. I did the pail after coloring  - I kind of pat the stickles to eliminate any dimension from the stickles. Some places, like the bear's eyes and nose (black stickles) are done to look like beads. You can look and see all the rest of the stickles. Here is how I did the boat.

I cut an "L" tab from heavier cardstock and glued DP to the back of the part that was to be glued to the base (which I covered with DP first). I glued the other end of the tab to the back of the boat at the end which protruded the farthest down. I had to cut the shape so it wouldn't show from the front. I use scor-tape when I want to be sure my glue job will last forever. I know I am just taking someone's word for it, but I can never undo it, so I feel more confident. As forever goes, I haven't lived long enough to say it and mean it!!
See all that neat shading under the dock? Well, it was the result of a horrific accident! One of my copics dropped out of my hand and whoops ! I had a dark brown streak over my nice water which was slightly shaded. So I grabbed up all my lighter copics that were just laying there - they were all capped like usual. The one I dropped, well, I was using it for some touches somewhere. So now I know, you can't get that deep dark of copic completely out and I went with what a real shadow might look like colorwise under a real dock and this is what I came up with. But I really want to thank Suzanne Dean!!!! She said you could remove more than normal amounts of dark inks if you tried using the blender and had a softer pad underneath. I used my padded lap desk and wow! I didn't have anywhere near as much ink to contend with!! Since it took me hours to get this card stamped so I could color it, I first had to calm myself down from having a heart attack!! And I might say, my entire card was basically colored at that point - I was just fine tuning which I can't usually do until everything is colored! Hope you enjoy it as much as my Darling did!! Hugs, Barb F   PS, I won't be too productive online as I have lots going on in my life right now.


Diana Crick said...

Barb your card is absolutely amazing. It is very evident a lot of love and care went into making your creation. I am guessing your hubby loves fishing!
hugs, Diana

paola said...

Wow, wow wow! this is just fabulous Barb, what a lot of love went into this, its just amazing
P.s: congratulations on your anniversay

Leonie said...

o wow!! what a fantastic scene you have created. So much work but really worth all the effort because it looks amazing!! well done and Congrats on your anniversary
Hugs Leonie

Patti Jo said...

Fantastic job on your creation Barb! So fun to go over all your wonderful details!!! So nice when things turn into happy accidents. Looks like the shading was meant to be! Terrific work and what a treasure!

Barb Hardeman said...

This is just awesome, Barb! What a labour of love!! Your coloring is wonderful and the water paper is fabulous. I take it your hubby loves fishing! Congratulations on your anniversary...

Anonymous said...

This is just so cool. Lots of fishing going on. You can tell that you spent a lot of hours working on it.

RubyM:) said...

OHHHH MY GOSH Barb!!! you have out done yourself.This is sooo adorable.I have a fisherman too.Matter of fact he just got back from fishing with my son.If it would be possible for them to live in the fishing life they would do it! I swear they have gone like 4x this past week and once in the weekend.ANYWAYS I'M LEARNING FROM YOU SO MUCH!! LOOK AT YOU GO!!RubyM:)

Anonymous said...

Barb this is definitely a labor of love. I am sure your DH was stunned when he saw this epic creation. Such a fabulous job on the coloring with all the details...WOW!!!
hugs & congrats on your anniversary.

ShirleyTACS said...

Barb, what a wonderful card that is so perfect as an anniversary gift. The labor is part of the gift. Thanks for sharing. Shirley

Barb said...

this is one fantastic card and a true labor of love
Great job

Barb said...
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Pat said...

amazing!! Talk about a labor of love! Absolutely fabuolous job w/coloring and constructing this work of art! Awesome! Pat Frank (VA)

Kevin & Cindy said...

WOW! What a beautiful card. What a
loving way to show John how much
you care! I am sure he will
appreciate the time, thought, & love
you put into making that wonderful
anniversary card!
Thanks for sharing!
Cindy Echtinaw

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

Wow barb....this is absolutely amazing! I love this!! Happy Anniversary too btw!

Frances said...

Barb your card is outstanding! You did an awesome job coloring everything. The wood on the shed looks great. Oh I just love the whole card. And Happy Anniversary to you and hubby.
Hugs, Fran
(Stamping Scrapping Group)

Linda Fleming said...

Barb, You should be very proud of your card. You did a wonderful job. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

Pam said...

Sweet card, Barb! You put oodles of work into this one, and it is a delight to look at!
Happy Anniversary!
Hugs to you,

CorinneS said...

WOW Barb! Your card is wonderful. I love the fishing theme. You did a wonderful job coloring....I love the oops shading you ended up with under the dock...

Congrats on your anniversary!

Regina said...

Barb!!!!!!! Your card is absolutely amazing!!!:))) We can see your love and care in your creation.
Have a wonderful week!

Shelley said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! Your card is awesome, there is so much to look at. I bet hubby loves it too. hugs Shelley

BoxerBrats said...

That is so cute! Your mess up turned out wonderful. You did such a great job. I loved it so much, I made hubby come look!

Happy anniversary!


Christine Riley said...

This is too cute! Love the scene you created.
Hugs, Christine

cabio's craft corner said...

That's so cute and creative artwork Barb!!!

Deb said...

Barb, this is such a FABULOUS card!!! So much work and love went into this one........DH must be a keeper!! Well done!
Deb xoxo

Laurie said...

Wow! This is fantastic! It's like a whole little show all in one. And all his favorites too. You did such a great job. I'm so proud of you.