Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Head's Up and special surprise

I have been working diligently on Christmas cards - there will be a few Chanukah cards also. I decided that I will photo all of them and do one huge post. I am not going to post that particular post to all of the groups I belong to. That is a special surprise just for you guys, my followers! It's my holiday gift to all of you. So far I have made all of 9 - I know, what happened to me? I have been following Tim Holtz's blog and his 12 tags of Christmas. Such wonderful ideas!! You will see some of the techniques on my cards as I am a real Tim Holtz fan - you can tell by the ink on my fingers! So be patient with me as I need to make lots more cards so I can get them in the mail. I came up with a kind of sketch idea that seems to work wonders at taking the hard out of the whole thing. I am just thinking present. You know, like gift? Wrapped with ribbon? You will see that they all have that theme. I have been watching videos on youtube as usual. Look up prairiepaperandink . The insides of my cards now make sense and are much nicer than last years groups! If you leave her a comment, be sure to tell her where you heard about her. She is wonderful!! So hopefully you will get to see this huge batch of cards before Christmas!! Hugs to all of you!! Barb F

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