Saturday, April 12, 2014

Here's a few more things!

This page was so much fun to make. Lots of techniques. I mixed a gel medium with pink paint and used the same mixture on both pages. They both had gesso on first. I put the medium on over a heart stencil. On the left page, it is pink, on the right page, it came out orange! Don't know why, but I went with it. Next I cut out some white card stock with my star dies and then decided to paint it with gesso so I could paint the paper with acrylics and lots of water. I was using what I now call my scrap card stock pile. The back was a denim looking blue - just turned those stars over and glued them in the holes! I also tried a technique that you transfer the card stock pattern onto paper. See that blue tag on the right page? That is cloth! Somewhere online I found a free feather pattern. I printed it smaller and glued it to the back of card stock and cut it out. I love that feather! I used a border sticker between the two pages. Didn't know that not much will stick to gesso without glue. Do now. I decided I didn't like the white background so I colored it with those finger dabbers and just used the ink that was already on them. I did use a lot of stickers and gems, but I really enjoyed putting them on. And boy is my stashed going down!
Remember those stars? Well the middle of this page is the scrap I used behind it while I gessoed it. I added some Tim Holtz ink. The photo is colored in the background with water soluble oil pastels. Who knew? They are super cheap - at least the ones I bought. It made such a difference in that photo. Behind me is a mirror and you could see the flash from the camera as well as the huge mess all over the place. This was at a recital and little girls are big pigs! I could hardly find a place to stand! I used a doily - tried spraying one first but decided I liked the white better. I probably could have put more time into finding and making just the right embellishments, but it was fun to do it this way. I loved the memory of this photo but hated the way it looked before. This was a great fix, in my book.

This was just a page with an all blue background. I had punched a whole lot of little flowers out of a then new punch and glued them all over the right side. Unfortunately, the card stock was a blue and orange plaid that looked awful on the rest of what I had done. It stayed that way for almost a year until the other day when I had to "fix" it. First I used  ink with my little daubers through a flower stencil. I liked it much better but it was a bit touchy over those little flowers I had glued on. The new flowers didn't stand out as much as I wanted them to, so I used My colored sharpies to outline, etc. It was getting better. I decided to do another feather and edged it with ink. Then I did embossing paste leaving it white over some more stencils. Those flowers that I had glued on still looked horrible, so I ended up using stickles in gold and boy did they cover up the flowers! It is now what I could call done! I actually like it and the gold was just what I needed. I am so glad I have so many of them at my disposal. I have another 3 weeks of this class and have just been having a ball with it. Hope you are enjoying looking at my stuff. will be making cards soon and posting as soon after as I get time. Hugs to you all,  and thanks so much for sticking around! Barb F

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Ellis said...

Gorgoeus AJ pages and the layout looks great! =)
Hugs, Elenor