Monday, April 7, 2014


This is the latest addition for my Mixed Media class over at Studio Calico. I am really enjoying this as I love mixed media since the only rule is there are no rules. I do want to tell you a little bit about this one first. My daughter printed me a bunch of photos on printer paper and even though I loved them, I didn't know exactly what to do with them. I decided to use this one on my first lesson scrapbook page. I also decided to use a color combo that I never have used before - peach and blues. This photo is darker than in real life by a couple of shades. I still like it. We used "modeling paste" to add texture to a background. I learned a slick way of putting down gesso in a very thin layer first. Then I glued some white paper flowers down with matte media and let the whole thing dry. I had cut out parts of a doily and was going to use them to frame my picture. So far, every thing was white and ready. Then was the application of modeling paste - this can also be embossing paste or are you ready for this enlightening info - caulking! My friend and I compared caulking ( something like 6 oz for less than $3 at the most) to embossing paste ($10 for 4 1/2 oz). They work the same! And actually I like that the caulking has a tube so you don't waste any and it doesn't dry out because you don't keep putting it back in a little jar! Anyhow, I added mine with stencils. And then I sprayed inks through stencils and then I added some color here and there using water soluble oil pastels. Then I had fun embellishing with gems, sequins, paperclips, flowers, etc. Lots of stuff and so much fun. Of course there is distress ink in several places and stickles! My two main staples!
Hope this makes you happy to look at it. And forgot to tell you the best part - I put the picture on crooked! That was after I mounted it. So I found a little border sticker and made sure I had the edge straight and now it gives the illusion that the photo is straight. It is a blue sticker. I also found that a rose pen looked like it was peach when I drew on the frame for the photo. 
Hugs to you all! I probably won't be adding all these to my groups since I am always low on time lately but I will continue to post as I do stuff. Barb F

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Ellis said...

You really took the colors from the photo and used them to make a beautiful layout.
Hugs, Elenor