Thursday, February 20, 2014

Another Really Old Photo

This photo is close to 20 yrs old. My grandson was all dressed up and acted the same. He was just so cute and when I came across it in my photo sorting for the Scraprack class I am taking, it went into my have to scrap pile. Honestly, there are not a lot of photos that made it into this pile. I kept thinking about the photo and just knew I was going to make a page pretty soon. You know how that is - find something you just have to use and it like burns a hole in your "pocket"!
Since he looks so grown up, I didn't want to use the kid type papers I have. I pulled the colors out of the photo and realized that it was pretty much the same colors as a collection I had. It is called Reflections by Echo Park. I only have a few collections and I have managed somehow to keep them together which is why I was able to tell you the name. I have used quite a lot of the papers and didn't have a whole lot to choose from. When I saw this book text paper, I knew that was going to be my main paper. Almost all of the stickers came from that collection. The white cherish the moment is part of the paper. I had some neat paper clips that I decided to use. The border paper for the journalling and photo is another paper that looks like wood. It is not very distinguishable but the color is exactly the same as the benches. I had to take the photo on my table so all that wood in the background is really wood. The page ends with the dark brown border. I just adore being able to find things so quickly. If you haven't heard about it, go to and sign up for the free organizing class of 2014. Do it soon or it will be gone for another year. I think its the best system for organizing that I have found. I do not use any of their products, just the ideas. However, there are a couple that I have been eyeing for over a year now. I am going to the Megameet (hopefully) and they are one of the vendors, so I am going to be able to see in person and then decide. The gal who does the class, Tiffany, is constantly saying to try to use what you have. I do not buy anything anymore until I know that I have a place to put it. Then when I get the new stuff, I know exactly where to put it away. Amazing! But it makes doing anything a pleasure. I have enough things that I need to sort through (she says if you already have things in a system that works for you, don't reinvent the wheel).  So far, all the work I have put into this class has paid off in huge rewards. It also gave me back the desire which I had lost due to that eye operation. I still can't see as well, but it no longer is dragging me down. I have lots of cards to make for March and beyond so I will be back to posting when I make them. Hugs to you all, guess if you are following me, you get the bonus posts? Barb F

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Great page! Love the paper.