Friday, May 17, 2013

Almost missed May!

Have been really busy - will tell you about it after I post these two cards.
 Believe it or not, that says on your first birthday - I love this image which if memory serves me is either Elisabeth Bell or Victoria Case. I am not sure which as I fell in love with both designers at the same time!  The inside of this is a cake with paper pieced candle! I colored the flame with copics but the rest is paper pieced. I love having that option!
I used all of the outer side papers on the inside also. I thought the inside was almost as cute as the outside. What do you think?

This one is of course for a guy. I love this image and paired it up with those cute fish - The fish came with a Popcorn the bear set but I can't remember where the fisherman came from.
Thought I would add another fish to the inside. I did use the same papers on the inside as on the outside. I had kept track of the copics I used for coloring, but since it has been awhile, I lost the little color card I made.
So did any of you get to go to the Mega Meet in Novi, MI? It was ultra fabulous!! I got to meet and talk to Tim Holtz and Mario!! How cool is that?! I took my first card making class at a show and it will be done lots differently if I do that again. Next time, I will just sit there, take some notes and take my entire kit home intact. It was just too stressful to me to try to make 3 cards in one hour not knowing what I was making. I ended up not being able to use any of the cards I made. I do NOT do glitter at all - I am in love with stickles, but I do not use regular glitter. It is a mess and gives the recipient of the card also a mess. All of these had glitter. Of well. I bought so much and of course had to spend lots of time putting stuff away when I got home. All of my organizing lets me play with new stuff right away!
OK - so I went to a scrapping show and spent a few days with my close girlfriend card making with all the new stuff we bought at the show. Also Tuesday Morning had a whole bunch of Tim Holtz stuff including all 3 sizes of his cargo cases. Tim did tell us at the show that all 3 had been discontinued which explains why Tuesday morning had so many.
The week before I went to Mega Meet, I attended the Great Lakes Region of Embroiderer's Guild of America seminar. I took a two day class and had a wonderful time! It was in Indianapolis, IN this year. I love all kinds of needlework but especially the finer stuff - lace making.
Wanted to tell you about something new - at least it was to me. Ranger Industries Wendy Vecchi embossing paste. Wow is it ever worth the purchase price! It is a white or black paste that is just a tiny bit thicker than gel medium. I used the regular and heavy gel mediums to see what the comparison would be. The paste dries within a couple of minutes and is opaque even without adding coloring. The gel mediums take hours to dry and your paper crinkles until it is completely dry. The embossing paste doesn't crinkle the paper at all. Wendy colored it using almost a nothing drop of distress reindeer. You just take the dropper out and don't depress the bulb part - just a tiny bit of liquid from the outside of the dropper will color a huge amount of paste! I love having another use for my stencil collection! You could also color what ever you make with copics, etc.  It has a slightly rough feel as opposed to the slick feel of the gels.
Recently bought a digital camcorder or whatever its called now. Realized I could upload a video to my blog so I will do one on my organization as I did promise a post on that again. Having some work done around the house so I may or may not get that video done soon. The birthdays keep coming so I still need to keep making cards! Hugs to you all. Thanks for hanging in there! Barb F


Cathy -Mercieschild said...

Love your cards. I love the sweet little girl and the fisherman has my heart. My son is an avid fisherman on the Columbia River and that image is so perfect. Thank you for sharing them. hugs, Cathy k

Anonymous said...

Nicely done and just perfect for the occasion
Hugs Julie P

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Snoopy said...

Love these cards! You do such wonderful work.

Snoopy :D