Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy 21 Girl

The beautiful gal this one is for loves to bake. This card is made from two different digital images. When people tell you that the Adobe Photoshop Elements isn't much, don't believe them! In the past when I have done digital things, the only way I knew how to size was to use Microsoft word. And the only way I could make a composite was to use the free program GIMP. GIMP is kind of similar to Photoshop with a huge difference in price. I didn't have any knowledge of what to do in Photoshop E when I put this together in probably a whole minute!! And it is exactly the size I wanted it to be. I love that little fairy with the cupcakes all around her.  If you want to look back through my blog, you will see I have used both the shop and the fairy before. This one takes a while to color. I did it in two settings so I wouldn't get crazy. Background first and then the Fairy and cupcakes and the stuff on the shelves. I used a lot of colics but here they are: E11. E00, E31, E33, E35, E37, E18, E21, E25, E29, R20, R27, YG67, Y08, RV10, RV21, RV23, RV29, B91, B60, B95, B97, B99, B93, B32, B34, C1, C2, C3.
This is the inside. since I didn't use any patterned paper on the front, I had to choose some that went with the colics I used. I decided to cut some hearts out - I used my spellbinder's dies. I wasn't happy with how this looked but the colors do match the inside. I found my Happy birthday stickers and used them and while I had the stickers in hand, I noticed the flowers. That is what is along one of the edges. I put the heart on dimensionals and then it looked better.  The 21 on the front are from an alphabet sticker set that is pretty chunky and glittery. It looked like it didn't belong so I stickled all around them. It was a bit tricky but I didn't want to get the darker blue stickles on my white numbers.. There are a couple of little gems on both the front and inside. I used stickles very sparingly on the skirt of her costume. This one could have been done entirely in stickles and I would have loved it more!!!

This is the front of a retirement card. I found the image I wanted on the internet and printed it the size I needed it to be. I did have to cut a little off the width so it would fit on the frame I made. For those of you who wanted to know a little more about those card creator dies.  First ones and probably all of them were invented by the gal who owns They are designed to cut layers for standard 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 cards. The first two sets give you increments of 1/16 borders (I think they are that close). Then she came out with the fancier ones. She has a bunch of new ones released at CHA this year. This card was a real snap to make because all I did was cut and use a tape runner. The center is on dimensionals. I printed the image on photo paper as it was so faded out that it didn't look good on my regular card stock. I have to say that if you are selling stuff, you would have to probably get permission. I am not sure that I didn't need permission but can't even tell you where I got the photo from.
I have been taking a doodling class from The gal who is doing the class is giving fabulous techniques for the backgrounds as well as step by step instructions on drawing the doodles for the pages you are making. She has turned some into cards. I am just having a ball getting all inky!! I will post some of mine soon. Hugs to you all, Barb F


Ellis said...

Your bake shop card is wonderful, such a great scene you made and the train card looks great too! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Anonymous said...

I love that little cupcake fairy, so cute, nicely done Barb
Hugs Julie P