Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anniversary finish

Wow that was such a nice response from everyone! My head is getting big!! I figured you would all like to see the other half of my anniversary card. I guess it really is a mini book?
This is Murphy our cat! I only have a few stamps with a cat and this one looks so much like her that I just had to use it. The stars are a border sticker. The nameplate is a chipboard painted with Tim Holtz copper paint dauber. The letters are from tiny type stickers. That solid orange is the backside of one of the papers. I tried to put the important images all on that light blue paper. It actually has travel images on it. This is actually the very center of the "book".
Moving right of the Murphy page, I fell in love with the striped paper but I didn't want it to look like the other split page (the pale orange ones). I found a corner stamp that I thought would kind of classy it up a little. Those license plates were cut from another sheet in the set. And of course I had to have some stickles. By the way, Murphy's yarn has a thin coat of stickles!
I guess Tilda is supposed to be me. Since it is the only female on the card!! There are a lot of stickles on this one. The ticket is one I stamped and cut out. Check out her pockets! Wish I could find shorts like that in my giant size!! That is a grungeboard shape painted with crackle paint. Just had to do it!!
This is the page opened so you can see the entire thing. The heart and stars are grunge. That is a tiny key and is attached with a brad meaning key to my heart.
I painted the heart silver and the 26 is done with the crackle paint. There are stickles on the whole edge of the heart. I stamped a bunch of lines on the opposite page with a stamp I forget I have (now I keep it out so I will remember to use it). I added a touching little "letter" to make this a very personal "card". I wish I could give credit to all the things and people who inspired me to do all the different things I did to this card, but I honestly don't remember . I really enjoyed making this very special card. And I hope you enjoyed looking at it. The back of the 26 page is the Vancouver page and then there is the complete outside of the book which is covered in the same paper as the front.

Now I have some other news! I signed up for a free online class which started today. It's called "Got Glue"  and here is the link  

Tami showed three techniques for changing around the background and I just had a blast doing them!! It was a really neat class and you just can't beat the price!! Free!!!!
And with that I will say hugs to you all!! You make my days much brighter with your lovely comments!! Barb F


Kelly Neis said...

Your book is so neat, I love the grunge look on the pages too. This is such a great memory gift.

Laura said...

Your book is wonderful! Such a thoughtful gift!

Laura C.

Jodie R said...

Awesome job! I love you as Tilda and your kitty is sooo cute!!

cabio's craft corner said...

The other half is just as awesome Barb and the last page is super sweet :o)

Anonymous said...

Love your book and it sounds like a wonderful class, you've done a fabulous job
Hugs Julie P

Loz said...

Your book is Fantastic Barb.. Such a lot of work has gone into this Masterpiece..Loz

Francy said...

This mini book card is stunning, I love all pages and all details.

Danielle said...

Thanks for posting the rest if your book. it change out great.

Vivi Casale said...

very pretty!! so many details!!!

Doreen Horats, Clayton said...

Your book is outstanding. So full of wonderful details. Awesome job.
Blessings Doreen

Sheri said...

Thisnisnso touching Barb. I honestly can see that you put so much thought and love into this!! :)

Snoopy said...


Snoopy :D

Gina L said...

Wonderful book. It has so much to look at!

Ellis said...

The other half of your book looks really great too, love all the little details and stickles! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Barb Hardeman said...

Barb, this entire book is simply amazing. I'm still trying to figure out how you did it? So much work and so much love have gone into this, I'm just sure hubby will adore it! What a treasure...huggers...Barb <><

Elle said...

What a fun book! You did a great job on everything.

Norma said...

WOWZER, that is a project and a half. I bet your DH was delighted with it. Amazing attention to details. You did such a terrific job on it.