Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Extra

I thought I would show you how I store the foam pads for my Tim Holtz distress inks. This little "tower" is two sided so you are only looking at one side. The tower is made up of tubes with each tube holding two little boxes. The tubes are just big enough to slide the little boxes in and out easily. The little boxes are made from 5 1/2" squares of paper. It is a very simple origami fold so that there is no glue to hold the box together. There is a youtube video called origami simple box done by vysokova that is very good. There is room for 40 boxes and I have 39!! The labels are printed directly from the Ranger site. I printed 2 of them so I could label the bottom front side of the ink pads. Here is a side view of the little tower.
I am not a crafty person, and I am sure that the gal I got this from on youtube (you will need to search for ink blending foam chest and it is done by paperpatti), was much neater with hers. Since I am not out to win any award and just wanted a lite weight, easy to use place to keep those little foam pads, mine is a bit wonky! I used score-tape to put the tower pieces together ( the tubes), so they are really secure and most of the time, I just pick it up from the top! The last time I added to the tower, it was up only. It was important to me to only have two boxes in each tube. That way you can read the name at a glance. I also used the ink pads direct on the labels so I would have an instant idea of color. I have them arranged by general color. The dimensions are loose - but it sure does the job and doesn't take up much room and is real easy to move. Hope you can use this for your stuff!! I bet yours will be neater than mine!! Will be posting cards real soon and quite a few. Hugs to you all, Barb F


Anonymous said...

I did some searches on the Internet but couldn't find tutorials for anything like this. It's really annoying to take the time to read about a storage system and then find that you didn't link to the tutorial. Maybe you could give the directions for how to make the little boxes since you don't have the link to where you found them.

Paper Tails said...

What an awesome card! How fun... You did a great job coloring your image and putting together your design.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for editing your post to include information to make it possible to find the directions for the little origami boxes!!