Monday, August 15, 2011

Long time

Well, the love of my life is back to work and my other endeavors have slowed a tiny bit. Sorry for the huge lapse! My heart goes out to Cindy and Kev of at the loss of their wonderful daughter. I am not sharing the card I sent. Too personal.
I also did make the cutest birthday card for a granddaughter but you will have to take  my word for it as it is the first card ever that I forgot to take a photo!! Shows where my mind is - off in space! This one is a combination of two digital stamps. The cupcake shop is from Hambo stamps and Sugar (the cupcake fairy) is from Mo's digital pencil. There is a super cool program (free) out there called "Gimp". Watch a few tutorials on youtube and you can manuever those digital images around, also. This card is a birthday card made for a daughter who makes sooo many cupcakes for kids and work, that I thought of her when I saw both of these! I did keep track of the copics but can't for the life of me, find what I did with the paper. Sorry! If it turns up, I will post them. I recently bought a "Gypsy" to use with my Cricut and Design Studio, both of which have been sitting idle since I discovered Copics!! I couldn't remember how to use the Cricut and was shocked all to heck to find out how easy it was using the Gypsy! I am not even half way through the manual! (Yes, I printed it - amazed that I am actually reading it!!) Wish I could promise to post more but it will be another couple of weeks. Just squeezed this one in. Hope you like it!!
Did the inside with the Gypsy!! Cute - got a bit messy with the glossy accents though. Realized I could match the card if I used my white cardstock and just colored what I cut! So much easier than messing with all those different papers!! I have a small zyron that I ran the text through. First time I can recall that I welded the letters together so each word is a single unit!!


Ellis said...

Wonderful card you've made! =)
Hugs, Elenor

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty card. I love that fairy image and you have made a great choice of background. just lovely
Hugs Julie P

Papernut said...

Oh my word! That must have taken days to color but you did a fabulous job on every detail. Love the fairy, the colors, the sparkle!

cabio's craft corner said...

Pretty and sparkly. Cute card!! Yes, I haven't use my cricut that often, but when I had to cut out some big letters for my nephew's wedding banner, I couldn't say enough good thing about it :-)